Classes will be held at venues inside City of Celje, on just 2 different locations (just few hunder meters away).

CELJE HALL – CELJSKI DOM: Krekov trg 3, 3000 Celje

NATIONAL HALL – NARODNI DOM  – Trg Celjskih knezov 9, 3000 Celje



We will have:

  1. Lindy Hop track
  2. Shag track

Classes for Lindy Hop and Shag will be held at the same time, so you can only choose one track.


We will offer levels from intermediate to advance+. It is very important to us, that the levels on the classes are good and precise, so you will get the best learning environment and schoolmates that you will love to dance with, that is why we will have an AUDITION. Teacher will choose you in to 5-7 different groups.


To join the intermediate level, you need to have been dancing that dance for a while and are expected to be absolutely confident in your basics and in leading or following different variations. Mixing different basic steps and footwork should not be a challenge for you anymore. You want to improve your dance vocabulary by learning new steps and variations, but also want to improve your overall technique and improvisational skills to be able to express yourself better.


To join the intermediate/advanced level you already understand that the quality of movement is more important than a large number of figures. You are striving to become a better dancer and to be able to dance well with anybody. You’d like to improve the quality of your movements, your musicality, and your leading or following. Your technique and basics should be at the level where you can use different rhythmical variations and improvise without fear. You can dance fluently to slow and faster music without throwing off your partner while maintaining your balance and your timing.


The advanced level is the highest level and shall ensure a working environment on a very high standard. Therefore you absolutely need to be sure that you belong in this level. Be fair to your classmates. For an advanced class you need to be dancing on a high level for a long time or have joined several competitions. Be reminded that you are not on an advanced level just because you took the intermediate or intermediate/advanced level the year before. You are able to quickly master new steps and variations, because you already draw on a big repertoire of figures and variations, but you are always up for new challenges. You can easily adjust to different partners and their different styles. You understand that dancing is a communication between you and your partner. On the one hand your are able to lead or follow without effort and are able to change patterns at any time making transitions natural and comfortable. On the other hand you are able to give your partner enough freedom and space to express themselves, and are able to play off of each other. You can dance hassle-free, fluently, and dynamically from slow to very fast music. You maintain your balance and your timing even in complex movements. You’d like to play with the quality of your movements, improve your improvisational skills, use different levels of musicality, and bring the finesse of your leading or following to a new level. At this level self-criticism is probably your greatest asset. The best advice we can give you is to not rush to get to this level. If you are not put off, yet, then you either have a serious lack of self-awareness or you are a good candidate for the advanced class 🙂



We will offer 2 SHAG levels:  intermediate and advance. Please be smart about your level and choose wisely. As we want you will get the most out of your classes and for that you need suitable group, we will have an audition also for Shag track.


You are familiar with Collegiate Shag basic steps and some of it`s variations. Fast tempo causes you no problems. You are taking regular classes for at least 6 months and you dance Shag on regular basis. You feel comfortable on a social dance floor, but you would rather avoid a jam or competition (for now).


You are taking regular classes more then 1 year, you go to Coollegiate Shag events around Europe. You easily adapt to any partner on the social dance floor, you are not afraid to participate in jams, competitions or performances. In this class we will challenge you to do hard stuff 🙂