At the moment registration is opened for FULL PASSES and PARTY PASSES.

One day passes will be issued, if there will be any spots left in the classes and that will be known in the last 14 days before the festival.

Why register now?

  • save money
  • ensure your spot on the festival (it might sold out quickly this year)
  • get your chosen accommodation (the best options run out quickly)
  • get yourself an opportunity to plan it ahead this year (less stress)
  • since you already know you are coming, you can book cheaper flights and budget transports to Celje (considerable)
  • why would you wait? Look at the teachers line-up and Hot Sugar band will  playing. It doesn’t get much better then this.
  • you can also reserve your festival shirt and bag

If we break the price down:

PARTY PASS (entrance to 3 parties, Hot Sugar Band from Paris France will play live on Friday and Saturday, with support of international DJs, You will have photo booth, Vintage market, Hairdresser, drinks will be cheap…) is 50€.

That means that you pay only 12,22€ per hour (9 hours) with pair of the best Lindy Hop teachers in the world! And that is if we don’t look at all other costs, as renting places, all the transports, all the printing, promotion, people working, food and drinks for teachers, band,…etc 🙂 So you see 🙂

Expensive? We don’t think so…

Worth it? We believe so 🙂


  • 9 hours of classes with top instructors
  • 3 parties with live music and international DJs
  • if you want to you can participate in the competition
  • Morning Shim-Sham


  • 3 parties with live music and international DJs
  • participation in competition



It’s good idea to make up your mind and register now, since the festival is getting full.


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