As Vintage Swing Festival (short: ViSwiFt) grows and develops as one of european’s Lindy Hop festival, we decided to get the best possible music for dance parties.

Now , when music is bound to be good, we need only you, to contribute your good energy and the VINTAGE SWING FESTIVAL  magic will happen (again).

Advice: DON’T Be LATE FOR THE PARTIES and miss the band or excellent DJs!

live on stage: HOT SUGAR BAND (Paris – France)

supported by  international Lindy Hop DJs.


We are preparing 3 great parties for you:

  • SUNDAY: the FINAL party 

LOCATION OF PARTIES: Krekov trg 3, 3000 Celje; name of the venue: CELJSKI DOM (CELJE HALL).

Parties will start at 21:00 and will last until … 🙂


The precise parties time-line will be available for you on the registration desk.

Here we present basic evening timeline. In case of delays the time table will “slide”. But you will not notice, because you will have so much fun with your new friends and on the dance floor. If you are paying too much attention to the evening schedule, then you should try to party harder. However, don’t miss the important points.