General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for the attendees of the Vintage swing festival 2016


The general terms and conditions for the attendees of the VINTAGE SWING FESTIVAL 2016, organized by VINTAGE Društvo za ohranjanje in razvoj swing in rockabilly kulture, are the essential and binding part of the contract-registration between Drustvo VINTAGE and the individual who registered to the VINTAGE SWING FESTIVAL. If you do not sign (at check-in counter) and agree to this document you will not be able to attend the festival!


By registering to Vintage Swing Festival 2016 each individual is expected to pay the adequate fee within the deadline. In case the registration fee has not been paid before the festival, the attendee must pay the fee at the time of the festival before the start of the workshops according to the pricelist valid on that day. The attendee is responsible for all bank transfer costs.

In case of cancellation Društvo VINTAGE will return the fee by below scheme:

  • for all denouncements before 1.9.2016 we return 50% of the paid fee
  • for all denouncements between 2.9.2016 and 19.10.2016 we return 25% of the paid fee
  • for all denouncements after 20.10.2016 we return 0% of the paid fee.
  • If a doctor’s note is presented with cancellation we will reimburse 75% of the paid festival fee (last minute accommodation cancellation is non-refundable sorry but we have to pay for it anyway).
  • No-show without written cancellation is non refundable.


VINTAGE Društvo za ohranjanje in razvoj swing in rockabilly kulture has all  rights to change the time, location and price of the workshops and of  evening dances. Organizers have right to change number of dance levels if there is less than 30 registrated participants registered for certain level.

As flights can be cancelled, or can be delayed, teachers can miss their flight. Also a teacher might get ill. So we cannot guarantee that all announced teachers will be present. It means that your class schedule might be changed, or you will have different teachers than announced.


VINTAGE Društvo za ohranjanje in razvoj swing in rockabilly kulture will not be held responsible for any physical injuries or thefts that might occur in the time of the Vintage Swing Festival 2016. Dancing can be very energetic. Please seek advise from your doctor if you are pregnant, suffering from any illness, have any existing injuries or are feeling unwell, prior to attending the event Vintage swing festival 2016.


By registrating for festival the attendee is bound to behave in accordance with the general rules of conduct and with the existing Slovenian laws – all while respecting the house rules. In case of misdemeanor you will be in the jurisdiction of the police station Celje or the Ljubljana Court of Justice.


Ljubljana Court of Justice is competent for all disputes between the clients according to Slovenian law.


By signing and paying for Vintage Swing Festival 2016 you state state that you read and fully agree with the content of this document and will obey all the rules and regulations.


Ljubljana, April 2016

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  1. markus mandl

    hello swing-community,

    i am from austria and i would like to join your swing festival (full pass – if its possible) in about 3 weeks!
    i know i am a little bit late but i ask if there is a place free for a leader (intermediate -advanced level)?

    thanks a lot and maybe we see us soon, markus


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