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Where: Celjski dom Krekov trg 3, 3000 Celje (opposite of the railway station)

You have to register before participating any classes or parties. When you register we will give you  wristbands. You can enter parties and classes only if you wear them. You have to show wristband  to any teacher or organizer if requested.

FRIDAY => from 16:00 to 20:00 and from 21:00 onwards
SATURDAY => from 9:15 to 10:30 and from 21:00 onwards
SUNDAY => from 10:00 to 10:30

If you miss the registration just come to VINTAGE FESTIVAL INFO POINT.

Where: Celjski dom, Krekov trg 3 => in the lobby at the entrance
Let us be your “festival mom and dad,” so If you have any questions, problems etc. please don’t hesitate, our team of »HAPPY HELPERS« is here to help you.

Vintage info point is open during registration, workshops and parties.


Dance classes will be held at Celjski dom and MCC Hostel.

Opposite of Celjski dom is the train station, where you can park your car for FREE. Parking is FREE on Friday (from 15:00 on), Saturday (all day) and Sunday (all day).  You can access parking place from roundabout.


Coming soon

There is a bar inside of Celjski Dom, where the »thirsty ones« will find their refuge. Drinks will be served only at that bar and you can drink it inside (no problem).

You can NOT bring your own drinks to the parties.

(However you CAN bring your own drinks to the workshops).


EVENING PARTIES: will be held at CELJSKI DOM (address: KREKOV TRG 3, Celje)

Parties start at 21:00 and finish…. Somwhere till the morning. Depends how many people are still on the dancefloor.



  1. Cockin Jack

    May I introduce you to a band called Big Fat Swing?
    Big Fat Swing is a French Swing and New Orleans band, playing fun and high energy music.
    The show includes 6 musicians and 4 dancers, all professional performers,
    delivers vocal and instrumental jazz from the 30’s-40’s, guaranteed to keep you on your toes all night long!

    Enjoy !
    And do get in touch if you’d like further information about the band…
    May the swing be with you!
    Jack Cockin
    phone: +33 609631673

  2. Amir Lande

    Hi, I registered to the festival, is it possible to pay by credit card or paypal?

  3. Andrew Finegan

    Good morning! I just paid my registration this morning (Booking ID ViSwiFt100) – if you could please confirm when it has been received, I would be grateful.


    1. Andrew

      Sorry – I mistakenly thought this was a contact form – could you please delete this and the previous message?


  4. Julia Wakabayashi


    I’m writing you because I won the third place in J&J contest at Swing On The Beach in Pescara and the prize was this festival. Could you tell me how the procedure work, please? Do I have to register regularly? I will come with my boyfriend Simone Ceccarelli who has already registered and he booked for us a double room in your recommended hostel, but I think the price he payed was just his quote and mine was not included. So I wanted to figure that out, too.
    Thank you in advance.
    Julia Wakabayashi

  5. Caroline Jazz Band

    We are glad to inform you about the various shows of the Caroline Jazz Band in view of your next Vintage Swing Festival.

    The Caroline Jazz Band means twenty-five years of experiences, lots of concerts, festivals, parties and animations with its fanfare, weddings celebrations, birthdays, inaugurations during prestigious evenings… The Caroline Jazz Band represents the perfect balance between vitality and savoir-faire to serve the swing!

    We propose:
    – “HEY POPS!” : New show in tribute to Louis Armstrong, named Hey pops!
    It is the arrival of the amazing trumpeter Gilles Berthenet in Montpellier and in the Caroline Jazz Band that impulsed the project. Without any particular period, the project feeds himself with plenty of songs not only blessed by the interpretation of Louis Armstrong, but by his own compositions too, which are more numerous than we think.
    The goal of the project is not to copy the style and talent of the master, but to show his huge implication as a creator.

    – THE BRASS BAND : In New Orlean’s streets, the jazz bands give rhythm and punctuate the way of life’s events: baptisms, weddings, burials, carnivals, private parties, arrivals, departures, etc. Consisted of 5 to 10 musicians, the Parade of Caroline Jazz Band is adapted in every circumstance where the mobility is required…

    Find all the information with more details on our website:
    You can listen to extracts of our records and parts of our concerts. You also can contact us if you need more information.

    Caroline Jazz Band.


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