Dom is an educated quality and process manager. This background helps him to guarantee a continuous improvement process during classes. Also he see’s classrooms as opportunity to not only teach, but to coach his students personally to maximise their learning experience (his highest goal).


Dom always followed his passion and so he became full time international kitesurf instructor for almost 8 years. From this high-risk, extreme-sport background, he knows how to teach complicated movements in an easy, safe and understandable step-by-step way and always finds the right exercise to help students overcome their learning hurdles. That was the time in his life when he discovered his passion for teaching, which he lives now to the fullest.

In 2014, after couple of years dancing Lindy Hop, their passion took over and Dom & Nora became professional full time Lindy Hop instructors with their own swing dance school in Vienna, Austria ( Since then they share their love for Lindy Hop and Swing. They are also teaching in the international Lindy Hop scene at well known Lindy Hop Events, like “Lindy Shock” in Budapest or also other international Events in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Germany or Croatia.

You will love their unique approach to teach Lindy Hop pared with their funny, enthusiastic, motivating and inspirational personalities: “All we do is SWING!” is their motto 😉